About Us

Romb brings experience from both ends of the spectrum

In marketing, we often wonder about our clients’ thoughts, desires and true needs. By blending experience from retail with the world of marketing, we go the extra mile to get the real answers:

We ask the right questions!


Founder of Romb MS started his career as Manager of a Private Label Department for the Ex Yu region, as well as being responsible for the implementation of Category Management. 

During the last ten years, he has acquired marketing experience in various agencies Kreativa Unlimited (General Manager), Studio JWT (Head of BTL Department) and Brand Karma (Partner and General Manager). 

He has contributed to the development, expansion and growth of his agency through loyalty programmes, promotions and mystery shopping. In Romb MS, along with a team of skilled experts from all areas of marketing activities, he is developing a winning strategy that maximises results. 

Simply stated, when it comes to efficient full service agencies, the entire scale of services is best covered by… ROMB


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