5 years ago

The Cover Style portal was launched five years ago with the aim of bringing together new generations of readers and the most famous domestic and international brands. It was a small but special 5th birthday celebration last night at the Esplanade luxury hotel's Oleander terrace, right in the heart of Zagreb.
The party of the season, which will be talked about for days, was a hit with many guests who couldn't wait to show off their carefully chosen combinations...
Last night, a crowd gathered on the Esplanade Hotel's terrace for the red carpet. The glamorous birthday party of lifestyle portal Cover Style had the motto 'No compromise', and was attended by numerous celebrities who did not want to miss the 'must attend' event of the week.

Amazing guests

Among the many guests were they:
Borna Kotromanić, Iva Majoli, Pedro Soltz, Judita Franković, Petra Kurtela, Katarina Baban, Sanja Vejnović, Lana Klingor Mihić, Mia Begović, Miran Kurspahić, Mirna Škrgatić, Sanja Vejnović, Diana Viljevac, Dragan Jurilj i Mia Franić, Ines Preindl, Ivana Petković Čevra, Vanja Horvat, Kristina Burja, Iris Pinjuh, Ivona Rusch, Lana Radnić, Katarina Moškatelo, Kristina Burja, Vanja Horvat, Loredana i Tomislav Bahorić, Nenad Sovilj, Pavla Predović, Saša Joka, Milena Maršić, Tihana Harapin Zalepugin, Vanja Horvat, Anamaria Raić, Ante Vrban i portal columnists, primarius
Siniša Glumičić, Prof. dr. sc. Velimir Šimunić, Manuela Picard, Milena Maršić by Glamour i Vinka Prekupec from the Caprice salon, and all of them were danced by the iconic rock band from Zagreb Psihomodo Pop…

The evening started with the good rhythms of the DJ, and together with the host of the event, the genius Joško Lokas, everyone present was greeted by the editor-in-chief and founder of the Cover Style portal Sandra Njavro, who wished everyone a good time with the legendary hits of Psihomodo Pop.

11.12.2022. Cover party

Thanks to the wonderful people with whom we cooperated and socialized throughout the year, 2022 brought us a handful of beautiful moments by which we will remember it. 

In order to gather all dear people in one place, thank them for another great year behind us, and most importantly - have a good time, we organized a spectacular Christmas party in an enchanting location. Last night, 'The Club' of the iconic Zagreb hotel Esplanade hosted numerous famous faces, business partners and friends who were intoxicated with 'disco' fever and covered in good style. Until the wee hours of the night, we enjoyed legendary hits from the 70s and 80s, delicious food and drink, and many tried their luck in a hilarious quiz-raffle led by respected host Joško Lokas and went home with valuable prizes. Thanks to the wonderful people, collaborators and stars we write about every day, we will remember the year 2022 for many beautiful moments, so we decided to celebrate it and send it off.

With good will and energy, under the slogan #NoCompromise, we held a spectacular Christmas party at the famous Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb.

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